support activities to the sub awardees

Grant Audits.

In line with the client’s policy, we undertake audit of sub grants. The audit reviews not only the expenditures of the grantee during the grant period and audit the schedule of receipts and expenditures of the grant funds by budget category, but will also include additional reports that evaluate the organization’s internal control structure and the organization’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including compliance to the grant agreement.

Monitoring and Evaluation.

The objective of this activity is to help our clients to:

  • determine the extent to which activities proposed are being performed and are achieving the agreed objectives of the grant activities;
  • confirm compliance with grant conditions by the Grantee;
  • detect early warning signs of poor performance so that prompt remedial action can be taken where necessary;
  • determine the timing and level of funds releases; and
  • Assist Clients in the reporting of outputs.
Technical Assistance.

The purpose of technical assistance to equip grantees with skills and knowledge so that the grantees is able to implement, monitor and account for the funds allocated within the given timelines. Capacity building also ensures the quality of grant-funded activities in relation to established performance standards.

Designing of grants management templates

These include; Grants policy; Grant contract, Accounting guidelines, Financial reporting format, Narrative reporting format, Compliance checklist, Grant close out check list etc.

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