Non-US Organization Pre-Award Survey(NUPAS)

The NUPAS is the Agency’s tool for making a responsibility determination of a not-for-profit or for-profit non-U.S. organization that is being considered for a USAID grant. The objectives of the NUPAS are:

  1. To determine whether the organization has enough financial and managerial capacity to manage USAID funds in accordance with U.S. Government and USAID requirements.
  2. To determine the most appropriate method of financing to use under the potential USAID award.

To determine the degree of support and oversight necessary to ensure proper accountability of funds provided to the organization.

Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool (OCA)

The OCA assists organizations in assessing the critical elements for effective organizational management and identifying those areas that need strengthening or further development. The OCA tool provides organizations with a set of criteria to assess their current management capacity to implement quality health programs, to identify key areas that need strengthening. Multi-level and multi-department involvement fosters’ team building and organizational learning. Inclusion of management, compliance, and program components ensure a holistic understanding of the organization’s strengths and challenges and the guided self-assessment by skilled facilitators instills ownership on the part of the organization for its improvement plan.

OCA Domains:
1. Governance
2. Administration
3. Human Resources
4. Financial Management
5. Organizational Management
6. Program Management
7. Project Performance Management

Landscape Analysis

Identification of appropriate NGOs in country, province or district