We carry out capacity building in all dimensions financial and Grants management.

Financial ManagementFinancial Management services

Strength financial Management and Internal Control Systems (e.g. ensuring local organizations have banking accounts, book-keeping systems, DUNS number, financial statements, standardized accounting cycles, standardized financial reporting);

Ensure local partners demonstrate the ability to manage funding responsibly and efficiently, with capacity to meet USG program and financial reporting requirements;

Help local partners establish financial planning process and develop risk mitigation strategies; and Ensure local partners have the capacity to comply with PEPFAR financial management systems, including expenditure reporting, management of outlays and timely outlay of COP funding.

Financial Compliance Financial Compliance Check Services

Assist local partners in ensuring that they show Active status on System for Award Management (SAM) website, no exclusions on office of Foreign Assets Control (OFC) website, and no exclusions on United Nations (UN) Sanctions List; and Assist local partners in demonstrating Compliance with US Standard Provisions for Non-US NGOs.

Audit ReadinessAudit Readiness Checklist

Provide technical assistance to local partners to help selected organizations complete annual audit requirements for Non-US NGOs.

Local partner supportLocal partner support

Support local partners in their role as grants managers and consortia leads. Assistance in this area might include training in grants/award management, program management, flow-down provisions, sub-award and contract negotiations.