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Grants Management Training

Grants Management Training

The role of grants management is becoming an increasingly pivotal and integral component that manages the establishment, enhancement and defense of an organization’s reputation. Reputation and credibility can impact an organization in many ways, leading to financial gains, and equally, financial losses if not managed correctly. Thus, it is vital that your organization fosters a good reputation by developing mutually beneficial relationships with various stakeholders. In this grants management workshop, we map out a holistic reputation management journey that will equip delegates with new ideas, thoughts and tools to take their grants management function to the next level.

Grants management workshop is a comprehensive and practical course that has been designed to boost and sharpen your skills to help position yourself as a strategic advisor within your organization; and equip you with the latest tools to effectively plan and manage institutional grants.

The course is a particularly useful training programme if you are seeking to gain new insights and perspectives, and if you are looking to position yourself as the go-to professional on grants management matters. You will be taken through various case studies and practical exercises to further enhance your learning experience. There will be several workshops throughout the course, where the facilitators will enable you to walk out with practical and tangible tools to take back to your organization. You will work on the material in real time, benefit from expert advice and feedback on the frameworks you develop.

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Designing of Results-Based, financing scheme

Results-Based Financing (RBF) is a mechanism that links financing to pre-determined results, with payment made only upon verification that the agreed-upon results have actually been delivered. RBF can help improve both supply-and demand-side performance of financing systems.In an RBF program, payments are made based on the quantity and quality of services delivered after verification. The evidence from a series of countries in Africa indicates that RBF can strengthen system functions, increasing the efficiency and accountability of sub granting system. In many countries, the design of RBF programs has included the removal of user fees, thus reducing the financial burden of accessing services

Advantages of RBF