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Financial Management and reporting

Financial Management and reporting

We provide reporting formats and accounting procedures (Grantee Accounting Procedures) and we ensure that the beneficiaries are conversant with them.

The grantee must provide the funder with all required information on the implementation of the project. To that end, the grantee must draw up quarterly reports and a final report. These reports shall consist of a technical section and a financial section. The funder may request additional information at any time and that information must be supplied within 10 days of the request.

In line with the clients policy, we undertake audit of sub grantee funds. The audit will review not only the expenditures of the grantee during the grant period and audit the schedule of receipts and expenditures of the grant funds by budget category, but will also include additional reports that evaluate the organization’s internal control structure and the organization’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including compliance to the grant agreement.

The objectives of these procedures are to determine that: agreed objective(s) for which funds were provided have been achieved; and all funds can be accounted for. Documentation requirements and due date for closure are as set out in the award letter.

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